Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten

Aktuelles / Nachrichten

On the initiative of the captain of THEA (P. Howaldt) and the captain of ERNA SIGNE (P. Ennals) a get together of most of the Northern European 12 metres took place at Marstrand the weekend of 24 -26 September. The setting for these wonderful boats could not have been better. Marstrand is an island outside Gothenburg with an old castle and wooden romantic "sugar-cake" public buildings and houses from the time of the Oscar II period, round the turn of the last century or the two decades before.

The GSSS (Gothenburg Royal Yacht Club) has its seat there, and opened up its premises for hospitality to the owners, captains and crews, totalling ca. 70 -80 persons. In true America's cup style, a race round the island was held. TRIVIA, THEA, ERNA SIGNE, VEMA and MAGNOLIA took part and passed the finishing line in that order. A dinner for owners, captains and crew and other participants (from Germany, Denmark and the other side of Sweden) was arranged, with prizegiving.

In an European context, one is pleased to note that an "international" event can be arranged spontaneously and at fairly short notice for the pure joy of yacht racing. There was virtually no public at this tail end of the season. But what a magnificent sight these 5 twelves must have been on the quay! The journey there and back must have been quite arduous for some of the boats, especially TRIVIA which has no engine (coming up from Kiel). Congratulations to all concerned for making the effort to come to Marstrand - geographically the most central spot to gather classic yachts from northern Germany, west coast of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Perhaps one day a Nations Cup could be arranged there in addition to the usual event at Laboe in the Kieler Fjord? As always, the weather played a crucial part. If autumn storms had intervened, the gathering might not have taken place at all.
Chris Ennals