Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten

The Swedish Classic Yacht Union, The Skerry Cruisers Association, the Sail Yacht Society; the Gaff Yacht Society, the Motor Yacht Society
in cooperation with The Royal Swedish Sailing Club and the Swedish Sailing Federation:

Program proposal for the Classic Yacht Event 2005 - Stockholm
The week before the event:

Gathering point in the south Baltic for Norwegians, Danes, Germans and others from the south: Proposal: Midsummer celebration in Simrishamn.

The event:

Participants in the official ”Around Gotland Race” ”Common participants” Participants in the “Visby Classic Race”
The week
June 27 to July 2
Convoy around the south and east coast of Sweden for Norwegian, Danish and German participants. Interception around the coast for Swedish participants. Convoy from Finland
Saturday July 2 Last day for arrival to Sandhamn Arrival to the Stockholm archipelago Arrival Visby
Sunday July 3 Start Around Gotland Race Convoy in the archipelago Lay-day Visby
Monday July 4 Convoy in the archipelago Start of the Visby Classic Race in Visby
Tuesday July 5 Goal in Sandhamn Arrival in Saltsjöbaden Goal in Saltsjöbaden
Wednesday July 6 Goal in Sandhamn/sail to Saltsjöbaden Classic Boat Festival in Saltsjöbaden
Thursday July 7 Goal in Sandhamn Sail from Saltsjöbaden to Sandhamn
Friday July 8 Race course and distance cource races in Sandhamn
Trend-evening in the whole of Sandhamn. Concours d´elegànce. Music, Food, Clothing
Saturday July 9 The large Jubilee Regatta on Kanholmsfjärden
Large Jubilee dinner and ball
Sunday July 10 Transport sail into the city of Stockholm for the large boats and all others who want to
Reception by the City of Stockholm.
Sail from Stockholm are down to entrance of the Göta Kanal for those participating in the convoy to the West Coast
Wednesday July 13 Wednesday July 13 Start convoy through Göta Kanal with arrangements along the way by the different cities and clubs

Some geography:

Sandhamn is a small village on an island. Base for KSSS sailing events in more than 100 years. It is situated in the archipelago about 30 nautical miles east of the city of Stockholm. Large amount of berthing available. Hotels, some shopping of food and clothes. Starting point of the Around Gotland race.

Saltsjöbaden is a small village 25 km east of Stockholm city on the very large island of Värmdö, accessible by car. Base for KSSS today. A marina, hotel and limited shopping at site.

Visby is the largest city (15 000 inhabitants in winter, triple in summer) on the large island of Gotland in the Baltic half way between Sweden and Latvia/Russia. About 75 nautical miles south of Sandhamn.

Kanholmsfjärden is a large open fjord inside a string of islands west of Sandhamn. The site for all classic racing 100 years ago. Deep, with little waves but free winds.

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