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A start given the 18th August in England at Cowes, in the form of the Jubilee of the America’s Cup, an exceptional participation of around thirty American yachts, a never been seen before meeting of a fleet of 35 12-metres, the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts, a unique circuit for Classic Yachts which has celebrated this year its 3rd anniversary, ahas undoubtedly taken calibre and gained maturity.

Created in 1999 under the guide of the International Committee for the Mediterranean (C.I.M.) and co-ordinated by the Yacht Club de Monaco, the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts has for originality and vocation allowed more than 250 classic yachts – that is more than 3000 crew – to regatta together thanks to the putting in place and the application of a unique ratings system, in establishing a final overall classing that regroups the different events and liaison races of the circuit.

A passion for classic sailing which covers more than just specialists and collectors and attract many celebrities. It is in this way that the circuit has become a popular place for people such as Philippe Monnet and Marc Pajot, the industrialists Patrizio Bertelli and Gianni Agnelli and even Allegra and Alessandra Gucci, this year we came across some new arrivals, such as Bill Koch, Ernesto Bertarelli, Giorgio Armani, Prince Emmanuel Filiberto de Savoie, Michel Desjoyeaux, Ellen MacArthur, Grant Dalton, Christine Briand and the King of Spain, Juan Carlos…..


For the third edition, the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts was taken outside of the Mediterranean waters with a start at Cowes, in the Solent, the cradle of Yachting, in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Anne of England.

An armada of more than 200 exceptional classic and modern boats converged in the South of England for this historical event for which the CIM had specially chartered a freighter to transport 17 classic Mediterranean yachts.

Among the highlights, the Prada International 12-metre Class World Championship with a plateau of thirty-five boats, an exceptional meeting since there has never been a meeting of more than 13 of this type of boat (22 metres, 13 crew) on the same starting before! At the helm, a number of skippers who have made history in the America's Cup: the legendary Dennis Conner, John Bertrand, Torben Grael (finalist tactician of the America's Cup), Thierry Peponnet (Olympic Champion and tactician of the French Challenger) not forgetting the title winner of the America's Cup, Russell Coutts who won the Prada World Championship at the helm of South Australia.

After the festivities of the Jubilee of the America's Cup at Cowes (18-26 August), the fleet headed for the Mediterranean to participate in the traditional meetings which included this year: the Prada Veteran Boat Rally at Porto Cervo (10-14 September), the Monaco Classic Week – Trophée Prada (13-23 September), the Régates Royales – Trophée Prada de Cannes (24-30 September) before finishing with the Voiles de Saint-Tropez (1-5 October).


Charles A. Dana III, the Commodore of the New York Yacht Club has himself participated in the whole of the circuit: "We have come this year with an important fleet of thirty boats and it is with great pleasure that we have discovered this circuit that has allowed us to stop in some of the most beautiful sites of the Mediterranean with the various stages and with very lively atmospheres. Despite the events of the 11th of September, it was a unique occasion for us to sail with so many classic boats. We hope that we will develop regular exchanges and encourage other boats to join, and why not organise a meeting in the United States".


The 2001 edition has been enriched by new boats, proof of the ever increasing keen interest for the circuit of classic boats.

Among the new arrivals, Cambria was certainly one of the most spectacular. This 23 metre was designed by Fife in 1928 and restored in 2000 at Perth in Australia, has made her return to Europe. With her mast of 50 metres and her particularly elegant sails, Cambria will always be something to dream about. She was Captained by Peter Mandin who is none other than the ex-Captain of the 15-metre The Lady Anne.

Another Fife who also attracted many looks is: Nan. of Fife. Built in 1896 at Fairlie in Scotland, on the River Clyde, she is the oldest large yacht still in existence designed by William Fife junior. Her owner, Philippe Menhinick, a marine antique dealer based at Saint-Malo, rediscovered her whilst surfing on the internet, this exceptional boat once belonged to his Grand-father. Philippe has created his own ship yard himself to ensure the restoration of this master-piece, a gamble he won!

Marilee, a true head of line of the yachts of New York Yacht Club was one of the most remarkable. Designed in 1912 by Nat Herreshoff, she was re-bought by five members of the New York Yacht Club. Marilee who has not raced since 1930, has been entirely restored to participate in the 2001 edition of the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts.

(Aus der Presseerklärung des Yacht Clubs de Monaco)