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Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 13:48

Hello everyone

I apologise I'm writing in english; I'm from Italy and I need you help, if you can.

I'm searching information about a ship built in Germany, Lemwerder, in 1922. The ship is now in Italy and I'd like to write her whole story. The name now is Huntres,, but I guess her original name was Licia (or Licia II).

I know she was designed by Ing Naupert, and built in Naupert Werft, but in the website I can't find any information about this shipyrd. Someone can help me giving me some information?

Thanks a lot and happy new year !

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: rw (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 15:44

There is only few information about Naupert. A good source about the little boatyards alongside the Weser is written by Heinz Janssen, "Boots- und Holzschiffbau an der Unterweser". 2007 edited by Hauschild, Bremen.

Naupert lived from 1895-1980 and established his boatyard beneath A&R in Lemwerder in 1919. He closed his yard in 1923 after 4 years and worked later as engineer at Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack, just across the Weser. He seems to be a better engineer than an economic specialist...

Happy new year

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 16:21

It sounds very interesting.

I guess Huntress is the only 10 meters long ship Naupert built, and she's very peculiar, and the information you give to me seem to confirm my idea.

Thanks a lot also for the book, I'll search for it.

Thanks a lot for your precious help

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: danebrog (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 16:29

Hello again

Do you know the class? Some photos and the measurement makes the search easier, too. winking smiley

Best regards

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Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Allegretto, ma non troppo (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 17:16

Hallo Kri,

about Emil Naupert you kann read a few words in the Book "Boote, Yachten und Kleinschiffe aus Bremen" von Klaus auf dem Garten. Erschienen 2012 im Hauschield-Verlag. ISBN-Nummer 978-3-89757-469-4. The Book is written in german.
Unfortunately there is nothing written about the boats of Emil Naupert. Only about himself.

I Think, it was a very small boatyard, which existed only 4 years between 1919 and 1923.
I have never heard or read from her boats here in Germany.

What kind of boat do you have?

Some Pictures, the class and some measurements would be good for motivation our readers to write something for you.

best regards


Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 18:46

Hello Mr. Reinhard

thanks a lot for your help, I'm very happy I found this forum, it's very precious for my researches.

Huntress is a shipping vessel 15,5 lenght over all, nowadays is a yawl but in the beginning I guess she was a bermudas cutter. I'm not the owner, he is an italian architect. Huntress is in Fiumicino harbor.

I'd like to share with you all the information I have, I'm sorry I'm not good in english and I can't wrote nor speak in german. I found a Naupert project in Yachtsportmuseum: in "Die Yacht" 1921 Heft: 11 Seite: 174 you can find a drawing by Naupert of a Turenkreuzer 12,90 m. I guess this boat is Huntress.
I think is possible she can be registered in DVS jahrbuch 1923, but unfortunately the scans are not on the website.

I have some good pictures of Huntress today, but just one picture of her in the past. I'd like to find out other pictures, if they exist.

I know Huntress was built by Naupert because of her measuring certificate, is a very interesting document from Sweden.

Sorry for my english, hope you can understand my words smiling smiley

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: rw (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 23:22

Interesting, in Yacht 1920 Heft: 32 Seite: 481 ( it's written that Naupert founded his Company together with W. Meyer, a former production engineer from A&R. It seemed that Meyer withdrew in 1921 (Yacht 1921 Heft: 6 Seite: 98), when the boatyard moved and when it was enlarged to 12000 sqm.

He dealed with used boats (Yacht 1920 Heft: 32 Seite: 3, and others) and offered a serial production of small dinghies (Yacht 1921 Heft: 5 Seite: 14). When Naupert closed his boatyard, Inflation in Germany was on its Peak.

I neither found these Information in Janssen nor in auf dem Garten, only in the archive of the Yacht Magazine.

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 04.01.17 17:11

Die Yacht is really full of useful information. The scanned pages helped me in find first information about Ing Naupert, and you are helping me very much, thank you.

Do you think is possible Ing Naupert built only one boat 12,90 meters long?

I'd like to show you some Huntress pictures, how can I edit them in this forum?

Thanks a lot!

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: rw (IP bekannt)
Datum: 04.01.17 18:21

Yes, I think it's possible. Naupert started as a regional boatyard (and never exceeded this prominence).

At this time typical local sailing boats were "Grünhagenjollen" (for example: []), small "Jollenkreuzer" und "Kielschwertkreuzer". A 10m boat was a large boat at this time (you can compare it with the production list of A&R of this time, [])

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 08:00

So what can be the class of Huntress when she was built?

You all are very kind with me, I'll ask you one more question.
I'd like to find out the first owner of this boat and her first name. I know she was built in 1922 in Naupert Werft and she was measured in 1946 in Stocholm. In 1946 her owner was Birger Lundstrom.

In wich way do you think I can find the original owner? I tried to search Huntress in the scans and lists in Yachtsportmuseum, but I can't find anything.

Thanks a lot one more time

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: André bauer (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 09:28


try the Lloyd's Register of yachts. There are ALL yachts listed till 1978.
Or find a maritime yacht museum as the classic boat museum in Cowes, Isle of Wight.
They often have archives, where you can find hardback bounded editions of magazines as Yachting World annual or The Yachtman's annual.

Best regards,

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 13:07

Thanks for your answer

I tried the Lloyd's Register, but I had no answer. And I know Huntress was registered and had an insurance in Lloyd's of London between 1952 and 1960 (more or less).
Does the Lloyd's know the whole history of the boat?

I tought I can find some information about this ship in some Jahrbuch listed in Yachtsportmuseum, but I don't know if she was ever registered in a Yacht Club in Germany.

Do you think a 12.90 meters long yacht can participate in a regatta between 20s and 30s?Is it possible?

Thanks a lot! I don't know so much about historical vessel, but I really LOVE this boat and I wanna try her owner keeping her alive.

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: André bauer (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 15:20

Lloyd's is nowadays a classification society for commercial ships and yachts.
But they do offer a research service at this site:
As far as I know, every change such as new owners, new certificates in the boats history where recorded.
For my boat, built at A&R in 1937, in British royal navy service from 1946 to 1978 home ports and certificates are recorded.
It has a similar length as Huntress, but the class of German square metre cruisers was introduced in 1928 first.
Huntress will be a single type boat probably.
For sure there were Regattas with that boat sizes, but I don't know much about the Regatta scene of that time.
I strongly believe, you must first find out where the boat has been that time, then you might find more information.

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: André bauer (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 15:51

Lloyd's has also published the register in books. Search in second hand book shops or online.
German shops register their books at this site:
But without knowing which year book contains information about the boat, you'll probably buy a complete set from 1922 to 1978 and you won't be bored over the next year as there is a lot to read...

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Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: rw (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 15:53

> Do you think a 12.90 meters long yacht can
> participate in a regatta between 20s and 30s?Is it
> possible?

Yes, of course, but the boat was declared as "Tourenkreuzer", a cruise yacht. So I do not expect that Licia participated in other than local or regional competitions. There have been (and still there are) some such competitions on the Weser, but I haven't found published the results of these times in the web.

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.01.17 18:17

I wrote some times ago to Lloyd's Register Foundation, but they said to me they cannot help me.

They suggest to contact the Lloyd's insurance market, and so I did. But I never had an answer.
The Lloyd's Register are also scanned and on line, but not for the years I'm interested.

Thanks André, I'll search for the papery book; I'm sure Huntress was insured in 1952 by Gordon Gaskill, her owner at that time. I think this may be the better way to find out some other news about Huntress.

I'll let you know how this search goes on! Without your help I cannot go very far smiling smiley

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: oltmann (IP bekannt)
Datum: 08.01.17 13:40

Hello Kri2202

I did some research on the person of Emil Naupert in different sources. The best of them was the state archive of Bremen.
Indeed, Naupert is known as the owner of the shipyard near A&R, which he managed at first with Meyer, a colleague of him from his time at A&R.
The shipyard got lost by a fire in the end of 1923 (Naupert himself mentioned 1924).
Naupert was born in Hamburg, learned in the boatyard of van Hacht, made his degree as shipbuilding-engeneer and went to a yard in Bremerhaven, then to A&R.
After his yard was lost, he was jobless, worked at the Bremer Vulkan, and started his carreer as teacher for maritime professions in the later city-quarters of Bremen-Nord, in Blumenthal and Aumund.
In 1942 he became the director of the first school for maritime professions in whole Germany, in Bremen-Burg. The school was closed in 1945 and because Naupert was close to the ideology of the Nazis, he did not get a job after the war.
First he had to convince a state committee, that he was not a "real Nazi", which succeeded. In the early 1950-years he started as maritime teacher in Bremen-Aumund again.

Interesting for You of course is his time with his yard. But although I know nearly every month of his life, I do not know much about his yard (except of what was already reported in this forum and maybe a little bit more).
Interesting for You will be, that during his jobless-time he trained other young jobless people to become a boatbuilder. The results of the examinations were ... ship-models. And because Naupert was part of the honorary staff of the local museum for Vegesack and the surrounding, all the ship-models went to this museum. And can be seen until today over there!
It could be possible, that Your yacht is part of the collection. I am quite sure.

It is not only that You are interested in informations about Naupert, I am as well.

Because my research is in German and fills a lot of pages, so it will not be possible to transfer it to You - and it is not finished yet.
But I will be able to send You some dates and stations of his life and I can send You pictures from the local museum. If You have any name from the first owner, I will do some research for You, whether the family still exists.

Please let me know how we can communicate directly.

Best regards coming from Jürgen

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 08.01.17 16:55

Dear Mr. Jürgen

thanks a lot for the very interesting information you give me! It's more than what I expected.
I congratulate for your research, it seems very well done, and I'm happy and honored you offer to help me.
It would be wonderful if we could find Huntress's model.

My personal e-mail adress is, please write me. Hope I can help you too in finding other details about Naupert's life and his beautiful ship.

Grazie mille e a presto! Cristina

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 08.01.17 16:56

Only now I find out how can I edit pictures in this forum...tongue sticking out smiley
You all are so kind with, so I'm very proud to share with you a picture of Huntress smiling smiley

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