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Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 11:42

Hello everyone

I apologise I'm writing in english; I'm from Italy and I need you help, if you can.

I'm searching information about a ship built in Germany, Lemwerder, in 1922. The ship is now in Italy and I'd like to write her whole story. The name now is Huntres,, but I guess her original name was Licia (or Licia II).

I know she was designed by Ing Naupert, and built in Naupert Werft, but in the website I can't find any information about this shipyrd. Someone can help me giving me some information?

Thanks a lot and happy new year !

Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: danebrog (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 13:32



I hope you can open this link.

For a better chance please repeat your questions at "Geschichtliches". This is the right place for questions about the history of boats and boatyards.



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Re: Naupert Werft
geschrieben von: Kri2202 (IP bekannt)
Datum: 29.12.16 13:48

Sorry, I choose the wrong topic!
Thanks a lot

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