"For Sale Dutch ‘Lemsteraak"

Type - Lemsteraak
Year Built - 1975
Design – J.K. Gipon
Construction – Jachtwerf Aldert Been, Alsmeer, NL
Home Port – Sneek, NL
Lemsteraak Sail Number – VC214
Registration - SSRP-Stamboek D914
Boat condition: good

Price & Availability
€ 53.000.- negociable
Availability – on request
Contact – M.Mittelstaedt,, +49-152-12398246

LOA: 10.05 m
LOH : 8,90 m
BOA: 3,35 m
Draught: 0.65 m
Mast Height : 10,5 m
Displacement: 4.5 ton

Specification & Materials
Sail Plan: Dutch boyer – Gaffcutter type
Material : hull material steel, cabin in mahagoni, deck in teak
Leeboards: 2 leeboards in oak
Winches: 8 valuable brass winches
Handholds: in teak and mahagony
Paint: one-component white and green
Varnish: one-component oil varnish
Doors: Mahagoni cabin doors with lead glazing
Windows: original lead glazing
Hatch : wooden (mahagony and teak) front hatch with brass framed prism port hole
Sliding Hatch: mahagoni/teak sliding hatch

Propulsion & Steering
Engine: inboard VOLVO Penta MD2B, 25PS/18,4kW, 2 cylinder diesel engine
Instrument Panel: rotation rpm, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature
Diesel Tank: stainless steel diesel tank … with manual level measurement in engine compartment
Propeller: 3 blades bronze propeller
Propeller shaft seal: stuffing box with grease injection
Bow Thruster: BREON 12V Boegschroeve 4pk. (2,944 kW)
Rudder: rudder with 2 interchangables tillers (wood and steel)
Automatic Steering System: Vetus EHPC12R - hydraulic steering system
Remote Steering: front and back remote control unit

Sails & Rigging & Fittings
Sails: in total 2 sets of sails (main, fog, genua,kluiver …)
Fenders: set of 6 long fenders, and 1 buoy fender
Boom Gallow: one stainless steel gallow frame, and one boom crush in ash wood
Blocks: elmwood blocks varnished
Booms: 1 main wooden boom, 1 wooden genua boom, 1 wooden kluiver boom
Mast: wooden mast
Gaff: one wooden gaff mit stainless steel finttings
Mast Lifting Device: folding 3 unit mast lifting device
Sail Covers: one for main and one fort he fog
Leeboards: one on each side in varnished wood
Sail Robes: all in high strength DYNATEC quality
Moorings: blue coloured mooring robes
Winches: 8 bronce winches
Rigging: all in stainless steel
Fittings: bronze & brass hinges, belaying pins, hooks

Interior & Accomodation
Spaces: large cockpit (up to 6 people), main cabin with 2 upholstered seats (up to 6 People) or 2 sleeping berths, one bedroom with 2 sleeping berths
Floor: modular 10mm pine laminated floor
Carpet : front cabine with carpet
Kitchenette: with gas cooker, cold-water washing unit, 220V-lighting, waste bin, shelves etc.
Tables: one cabin table, one removable cockpit table, and one navigation table
Sleeping: up to 4 sleeping berths (see above)
WC: Marine Toilet RM69
Boxes, Shelves, Cabinets : number of different varnished wooden boxes and cabinets
Lanterne: hanging brass Trawler paraffin lamp
Clock & Barometer: old style instruments in brass casting
Upholstery: traditional cotton white/red

Navigation & Radio
Compass : precision classic brass set-up compass
VHF Radio: icom VHF marine receiver IC-M59EURO
AM/FM Radio : Blaupunkt Bologna RCR 126
Autopilot with hydraulic steering system: Vetus AP2S
(Deepmeter : Seafarer 301 Echo Sounder)

Electric & Water & Gas
Electric Panel : Gewiss GW 40 114 with 4 x 220V fuses, battery charger, and 12V/220V converter
Starter Battery : 1 x
Supply Battery : 2 x
Battery charger: VICTRON Blue Power Charger 12/15 (integrated in electric cabinet)
Battery Load Meter : LED 12V display meter
Mobile battery charger : Bosch 12V KL1204
Solar Panel : one solar panel with one solar charge controller
Heater : Webasto Air Top 2000S diesel heater
Sink & Cooker: DOMENIC combination sink and cooker with glass cover
Navigation lanternes:Richter & Bey masthead light
Cabin light: 2 x Paulmann 220V lights, 6 x 12V spot lights
Refrigerator: indel 12V isotherm marine refrigerator
Water Pump: SCHURflo 12V Series 200 water pump
Water Tank: stainless steel fresh water tank right side engine compartment
Bilge Pump: manual bilge pump, and 12V bilge pump
Shore Power Cables: 1 x 20m 220V-cable, 1 x 5m 220V extension cable, and 2 x shore power adaptors
Power Sockets: 3 x 220V sockets (1 x in the kitchenette, 2 x in the main cabin)
12V/220V Transformer: integrated 12V/220V transformer
Gas Supply: 2 x Camping Gas …

Anchor: one steel ‚fisherman‘ anchor with 50m steel chain
Backup Anchor: one ‚grapnel‘ anchor
Anchor/Mast Winch: traditional two gear stainless steel ‚windlass‘ type anchor and mast winch
Chains: galvanised anchor chains
Helm Decoration: Lion painted in gold
Sling Chair: one sling chair
Swimming Ladder: in aluminium and plastic
Boat Cover: two-pieces zipped in blue
Persennige: Cockpit-Persennige in beige
Flag: Dutch large flag on wooden flag pole
Nameplate : on two wooden name rear plates
BoatHook : wooden boathook with brass end
Fog Horn: brass horn
Signal Ball: one folding plastic signal ball
Spare Parts: various spare parts available

Maintenance & Hangar
Hangar: boat every year 10 months in hangar
Maintenance: maintained by boat yard, hull, steel work, painting, engine, wood….
Gaff: new in 2012
Painting: new in 2014
Varnishing: done in EPIFARNES in 2016
Central Electric Panel: new in 2012
Batteries: all batteries new in 2015/16
Steel Work: hull steel bottom new in 2016
Sails: cleaned and refurbished in 2016&2017 by Sailmaker, Lemmer
Tachometer: rotation detector new 2016

Construction & Design : original documentation from builder and designer
Measurement Certificate : Original Meetbrief KNWV, Amsterdam
Technical Documentation : Complete and original documentation of all boat equipment
Invoices : all invoices since 2010

Michael Mittelstaedt
F-77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33-6-22240855

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