"Gaffelrigged segelyacht from 1894"

A very excellent maintained and restored ship by her owner. One of the most appreciated top wooden boat builders of Sweden.

Asking price 14.500 Euro

Length: 8.03 m (26 foot)
Width: 2.97 m
Draft: 1, 04 m
Sailing area: 32 m2
Hull: Pine with oak frames and steel frames
mast: Oregon Pine
Storm storm and genua. Fock and mainsail in very good condition

motor: outboard

Double batteries
bilge pump
Door, boom and cockpit chapel

Aziza is a very blessed and fast little boat that we use in our summer leisure time with two adults and two children but the ideal for overnight stay is two people.
Reason for sale is that the owner is on the look-out for a larger classic as Azizza is proving too small for the small kids growing to large adolescents.

Aziza was commissioned by Edward Cederlund Jr, son of the founder of the Caloric Punk.
She was designed by Axel Nygren and was built by Plym in 1894 and is a piece of cigar and punch-scented history from the years before the turn of the century.

Much of the boat's history is documented with both text, image and more.

For the past 30 years she has undergone a gentle renovation with a focus on original design.

Today she sails in the same way as she did during her first 30 years, with a lattice rig drawn in 1903.

Parts that have been renovated / replaced in a professional manner are;
Mast and rig
Rudder post
Side decks
Overpass and overlay
Durks in the ruff
Bottom 4-5 table turns
All steel frames
All wooden trusses midships
Most bottom logs
The canvas on the canopy roof

Kontakt: Olaf Stevens

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