"Olle Appelberg's Seekreuzer"

Due to the wish of the widow of her previous owner Olle Appelberg
A new price has been set for a sale this season
Although absolutely ready to sail she needs some cosmetic attention like a brush of paint
Very seaworthy and sails like a dream! 

Price: 19.500 euro

For serious interest and additional enquiries please contact Olaf Stevens. or 0031654910893 or 0046730317214

Boat data
Type:  Sea cruiser
Year build  1953
Designer  Paul Rönnqvist
Boatyard  Kungsörs Båtvarv, Sweden
Place build  Kungsör, Sweden
Length  10,9 m
Length w.l.  7,8 m
Wide  2,42 m
Depth  1,6 m
Displacement  5,7 ton
Material  Mahogny
Dack Teak
Rigg type  Bermuda
Sail aria  44 kvm (main+fock)
Sail signs  KR, S256
Motor  19 hk,Volvo Penta diesel, 
Call  VHF SD3372
Summer berth  Trosa
Winter berth  Trosa

Atena - The sea cruiser Atena was one of a new generation of contest sailboats who have been built after the war with Gotland Runt's increasing popularity as a driving force. Atena reached its greatest success in Gotland Around 1957, when she became second in her class.
The boat was designed by the manufacturer Paul Rönnqvist in Vingåker with the help of the company's draftsman. It became a lavishly large and modern sailing yacht with standing height in the salon, mahogany on expanses and bronze Wry. The Atena has a distinct and straight line "egg shape" and is almost pointed with very narrow hedge. The boat was built at Schelins in Kungsör and the manufacturer Rönnqvist was probably not entirely unaffected by Schelin's business partners at this time, Knud Reimers. From the beginning, the freeboard and ruffle roof were painted in a special shade that the family called "Atenablå".
Atena's first home port was Läppe at Hjälmaren, where she got her own boathouse that still belongs to the family. The boat was taken over by the son PO Rönnkvist and was then owned by another family in the family. From the end of the 70's and 30 years

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