Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten

Regattaergebnisse 2002

4th Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts
A spectacular gathering
The 4th Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts concludes with the Voiles de St Tropez
The 4th edition of the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts – a unique circuit of regattas for classic yachts organised by the International Mediterranean Committee (CIM) and co-ordinated by the Yacht Club de Monaco - has a number of first time attendee this year, many designed by famous architects, such as the Gaff Cutter Pesa, a Max Oertz design from 1911 based in the Golfe du Morbihan in Brittany and Sonny, an S&S design from 1935, or Tigris, a Gaff Cutter designed by Alfred Mylne in 1899.

Numerous fully restored smallwe craft have also appeared on the circuit. This includes two of the smallest designs by Fife: Iona, built in 1899, and Jap, a Cork-Harbour One Design, designed and built in 1897.

First held in 1999 the month long Trophée Grimaldi-Coupe Prada, is made up
of three consecutive regattas and races between Imperia, Cannes and Saint-Tropez. This year it has an average participation of more than 70 boats for each event, a record!

The 2002 programme began on the Italian Riviera on 11 September with the Vele d'Epoca di Imperia–Trofeo Prada, followed by a brief stopover in Monaco to the view Monte Carlo harbour's new breakwater. This was followed by the Régates Royales–Trophée Prada in Cannes, before the final event of the circuit the Voiles de Saint-Tropez on 4 October.

A passion for classic sailing which is far more than just specialists and collectors and even seduces celebrities. Along side the regulars of the circuit like Philippe Monnet, Lionel Péan and Marc Pajot or even Allegra and Alessandra Gucci, this year we were able to meet a number of other famous sailors, such as Marc Thiercelin, François Brenac, Ellen MacArthur, Isabelle Autissier, Bruno Peyron…

Next year the Prada Challenge for Classic Yachts 2003 will have stopovers in Porto Cervo (9-13 September) and Saint-Tropez (30 September – 4 October), and not fogetting the Monaco Classic Week – Trophée Prada (15 – 21 September) which will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Yacht Club de Monaco and the unbeatable Régates Royales – Trophée Prada (20 – 27 September).


Vintage Yachts
1st Agneta 454, 50 pts
2nd Marilee 450,13 pts
3rd Tamara IX 439,75 pts

1st Alnair III 320,50 pts
2nd Sagitarrio 311,00 pts
3rd Swala 295,38 pts

Spirit of Tradition
1st Zephyr of Falmouth 30,13 pts
2nd Wild Horses 27,00 pts
3rd 3ème White Wings 21,13 pts

Built in Stockholm in 1948, she was the personal yacht of her architect, the
Swiss Knud Reimers. From 1952 to 1981, Agneta was the property of Mr Gianni
Agnelli, who never missed an opportunity to be aboard her during the
meetings she took part in, especially at Saint-Tropez.. The Italian
architect Giuseppe Andolina who gave her back her original yawl rigging also
created the precious wood interiors in teak, African mahogany, pear tree and
American spruce, all shaped, sculpted and inlayed, which make Agneta,
currently belonging to Peter Engels, one of the most refined yachts on the

Alnair III
This Sparkman & Stephens design of 14.40m, built by the Carlini shipyard in
the 1964, was the third yacht of the Alnair Class built for Toni Pierobon,
an Italian yachtsman of the time.

Zephyr of Falmouth
This neo-classic yacht of 19.50m, built in epoxy resin wood, is part of the
Truly Classic Class designed by André Hoek. She belongs to a British Rock
n'Roll star who, fearing the crowds, lent the boat to the crew for the
duration of the circuit.



Vintage Yachts
1st Agneta 103,50 pts
2nd Nan 91,00 pts
3rd Tamara IX 90,00 pts

1st Ikra 52,50 pts
2nd War Baby 52,25 pts
3rd Sagittario 49,00 pts

Spirit of Tradition
1st Wild Horses 8,25 pts
2nd Zephyr of Falmouth 5,25 pts
3rd White Wings 5,00 pts

1 – Large Gaffs : Marilee, belonging to Alliance Marilee
2 – Small Gaffs : Jap, belonging to Mr Love Jr
3 – Small Marconis : Tamara IX, belonging to Mr Doug Peterson

Marilee :
She is a true collectors boat as Marilee is one of the four examples of the
fourteen NY 40 built to Herreshoff designs between 1916 and 1926. With an
overall length of 17.92m, and a gaff rig, she carries 250m2 of sail.
Marilee, built for the members of the NYYC in 1926, was found with a
bermudien yawl rig, a plastic hull and was saved by members of the NYYC club
two years ago. At the America's Cup Jubilee last year, she won the round the
island race. After two seasons in Europe, Marilee who has made a big
impression on the circuit will soon be returning to the States.

Jap :
Only ten examples of this monohull designed for racing by Fife were built at
the end of the 19th century, their first regattas took place in 1896. Today
only three are still able to sail. It should be noted that Jap was built in
the same shipyard as Yum, who later became Pen Duick at the hands of Eric
Tabarly's father.

Tamara IX :
This 9 Metre Cruising (a little longer than 15m overall), from 1933, with a
Bermudan cutter rig, belongs to Doug Peterson, the architect of Luna Rossa.
Two years ago, Tamara IX , was part of a group of twenty-six yachts who had
just finished being restored before taking part in the Imperia meeting, and
she won her Class, notably beating the 12-Metre Tomahawk, who was classed

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