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engelbrecht motoryacht, please help
geschrieben von: Jon Granström (IP bekannt)
Datum: 07.11.05 20:48

does anybody know where I could find detailed information of an old engelbrecht salonboat, it has a sign: ”engelbrecht bootwerft zeuthen, berlin” and number 435. it's around 10 meter long with two windows in cabin in both sides. the windows can be lowered down. it has a small open space in back, covered with roof and also an open space in front where the steering column has been. the rumour tells that it could be the first benzinmotor boat in finland, so I presume it could be from the late 1800's. the hull also looks like that and the salon reminds more of a tram or like what train cars used to look like. any hint would be valuable. even in deutch. vielen danke!


Re: engelbrecht motoryacht, please help
geschrieben von: boergers (IP bekannt)
Datum: 10.11.05 12:11

Hello, we are living in Zeuthen, and we have information about engelbrecht bootwerft zeuthen. Please send us a photos. Some hint about engelbrecht you will find on my homepage ( in deutsch.

ahoi jutta boergers

Re: engelbrecht motoryacht, please help
geschrieben von: gabo (IP bekannt)
Datum: 10.12.12 23:39

Hallo Jon,
we have some informations about Engelbrecht und Grete, but we lost your email adress. Please send it to us.
Many regards to you and Grete from Zeuthen
Jutta and Götz

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