The Moonbeam Challenge

This year, exceptionally, Les Voiles d'Antibes - Trophée Panerai will host THE MOONBEAM CHALLENGE, a duel between the two Gaff Rig Cutters, Moonbeam IV (35 meters built in 1914) and Moonbeam of Fife (III) (30 meters builtin1903). For the first time (and maybe the last), the 2 famous Gaff Rig Cutters of the Scottish architect William Fife III, will compete in Match Racing in front of the old walls and the towers of the famous Picasso Museum in Antibes. For many, it is quite difficult to imagine such a spectacular show: two of the most beautiful and largest yachts of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, will compete in duels 1 against 1 (rather than in a fleet as before) like during the America’s Cup. These 2 heavy monsters of power with huge sail area promise a subtle sailing battle. A succession of gybes that will delight purists of sailing races as well as novices who can watch this unique show from the old ramparts of Antibes. An exceptional duel because only few organizers have the chance of getting such a playground and the possibility of organising such a race but also dealing with two motivated and experienced crews in a match race because only the experience, fighting spirit and talent of the sailing team may sign the victory.