Czar and King 24. - 26. Juli 2009

Dear Mr. Horns,

Sail Yacht Society would like to invite FKY members sailing in Swedish waters to participate in the “Czar and King meeting” at Trosa and Tullgarn Royal Castle, July 24-26. Here is the information for your members:

Russian and Swedes celebrate Czar and King

Sweden’s Sail Yacht Society will have a summer meeting in style at the Royal Castle of Tullgarn, south of Stockholm, July 24-26. The yachts will sail there to celebrate the 100 anniversary of a visit by the Russian Czar Nicolaus II in 1909. The Czar arrived on his imperial yacht Standart to see king Gustaf V. The visitors will also admire a dingy, built by prince Wilhelm of Sweden in 1900. This type of dingy is called a lark and the prince found the drawings in the American magazine, The Rudder.

It is the first time yachts assemble at the castle and when the visit was granted by the Royal Court, the Society decided to make the most of it and invited St Petersburg River Yacht Club, to a first ever meeting between Russian and Swedish classic yachts. And yes, at least three Russian classics will make the long journey to the celebrations: the 75 sq m Malva, built in Germany in 1937, the yawl Condor, built at Oertzwerke, Hamburg in 1935 and Mirame, a gaff rigged eight built in Finland in 1910 after the American rule.

The yachts will stay at Trosa harbour Friday night and sail in company to Tullgarn on Saturday. Dinner will be served at the castle inn.

If you are sailing in Swedish waters and would like to join the party please contact for berth reservations in the harbour as soon as possible.

FKY members are cordially invited to participate. We would be honored and very happy to rise a glass to the Kaiser in addition to the toasts to the Czar and the King J. Kaiser Wilhelm visited Tullgarn on Hohenzollern in 1893 and at other occasions.

Olle Appelberg -SYS-