Mariella, die 24.1m lange Yawl, 1936 von Alfred Mylne gezeichnet, ist der Star des Films "Nauta", Regie Guido Pappadà. Wir zeigen den Trailer.


"Bruno, about 40 years old, anthropologist and university professor, thanks to the call of Paolo, an old friend, learns that in the island of La Galite occurred an extraordinary and mysterious natural phenomenon. He, awakening from apathy caused by the crisis with the wife Sarah, decided to resume studies on some ancient historical evidence of the phenomenon and, somehow obtained funding, puts together an expedition that leaves to La Galite, searching for the perfect harmony between man and nature. The crew consists of Davide, gruff captain, Max, his new sailor, Laura, a young biologist, and Lorenzo, an expert in extreme sports and experienced diver. Above all, there is "Mariella", Davide's elegant classic sailing yacht.
During the sailing, the crew is forced to intimacy of navigation. At the beginning there is a mutual distrust, but later all characters of the group reveal themselve completely. The union of the boat and its crew with the natural environment leads to a more friendly and direct behavior and increases the desire to discover the secret of the phenomenon.

The journey will change their lives."