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Visit from Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten
Over the weekend 25th to 26th we were visited by the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten for team racing. There were five races, three on Saturday and two on Sunday morning. Good wind for all of them, although a little light and fluky for the first one.
Gareloch helms cannot sail their own boats, of course. Some felt that sailing someone else’s Gareloch was more different than sailing a Howth 17 or a YOD. Nevertheless, the home team had a strong advantage and took the first two races. The visitors had opted to use spinnakers which must also have helped us. By now, the wind had strengthened so that there was a reluctance to get the boats near to each other. Sailing for boat speed was more to the fore than close team racing tactics. Enno Thyen and Wilfried Horns had been showing form all along. In the third race they got the first two places and we tied on points.
No one hurt themselves at the dinner on Saturday evening and we were bright eyed and bushy tailed as we boarded on Sunday morning. It was a fresh breeze, so that it was decided not to use spinnakers. The home team took these races although Enno in particular pushed us hard.
At the lunch, The Convenor was presented with the DRT trophy. A Viking ship in a bottle, which would have pleased David Ryder-Turner, who instigated this event.
In the afternoon, some visitors went to look at flowers whilst the hard core had a sail around the sugar ship. Enno took the helm of John Blackie’s “Maid of Lorn”. In a strong blow with some sea, she goes very well. It appears she has about the same pace as a Gareloch.
A superb weekend. Do not miss the return match in Germany 2008.