America's Cup 1934

"Gosport - AMERICA CUP CHALLENGER - Mrs. T. O. M. Sopwith names her husbands yacht "Endeavour".
People gathered around the yacht at launching ceremony. Woman, Mrs Sopwith, launches the yacht, names her "Endeavour" - natural sound. She breaks the bottle and the crowd cheers. Yacht slides into water. From the outside - yacht sliding into water, crowd cheers. Sailors working on yacht. Thousands of people on crowded barges and on shore are seen. Men working on yacht. Mr T. O. M. Sopwith talking into microphone - broadcasting his message to America. He talks about America Cup.

"THE GREAT "ENDEAVOUR" - Mr T. O. M. Sopwith's challenger for America's Cup leaves Portsmouth for USA - and victory."
Several shots of England's boat "Endeavour" with its crew leaving Portsmouth harbour to sail to America to win America's Cup.

"CUP FEVER - "Endeavour" pleased critics in first try out in American waters."
Various shots of the activities onboard yacht 'Endeavour', America's Cup challenger. Men hoisting sail. Various shots of the yacht sailing in American waters. This is Endeavour's first try out in American waters. Several more shots of the activities onboard the yacht as it sails.

"THE AMERICA'S CUP - Rainbow (defender) and Endeavour (challenger) in final trails."
Various shots of the activities onboard yacht 'Rainbow', America's Cup defender, as she sails. Mr Vanderbilt is at the helm. Several shots of the 'Rainbow' and another yacht 'Yankee' at sail. 'Rainbow' beats 'Yankee' and is chosen to meet the America's Cup challenger 'Endeavour'.
Crew hoisting sail onboard the Endeavour - the America's Cup challenger. Mr T. O. M. Sopwith is at the helm. Several shots of the activities onboard the yacht as it sails.

"The first and second Races for AMERICA'S CUP."
Air shots of the two yachts and many little barges at sea. Mr Sopwith and Mr Vanderbilt exchanging greetings before the America's Cup yacht race (natural sound).
America's Cup defender, yacht 'Rainbow' (skipper Mr Vanderbilt) and America's Cup challenger, British yacht 'Endeavour' (skipper Mr Sopwith) at sea during the first race.
Various shots of the race, 'Rainbow' and 'Endeavour' sailing, quite close to each other. Several shots of the boats sailing. Very close race but Endeavour wins it.
Paperwork states that this item contains he first and the second race but there is only footage of the first race here.

"LAST RACE FOR AMERICA'S CUP - "Rainbow" wins 6th race & New York Yacht Club retain trophy."
Various shots of the yachts 'Rainbow' and 'Endeavour' racing in final race for America's Cup. Rainbow passes the finishing line 55 seconds before Endeavour making the score 4-2 and winning the Cup.
Rainbow's crew on deck waving and cheering - celebrating the victory. Rainbow's skipper Mr Harold Vanderbilt waves happily to the camera.
Crew of 'Endeavour' sitting on deck quietly. Mr Sopwith looking pretty disappointed, a woman standing next to him. Union Jack flying.