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Visit by FKY

The Gareloch Class were hosts to the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten, team racing for the David Ryder-Turner trophy.

The visiting team lacked one of their crack helms, Enno Thyen, but benefited from Sven Foerst, who sails his Knarr Caol Ila at international level. The stakes were high. The Garelochs had won last year in Germany but lost on the Gareloch in 2010.

Race Officer Dick Taylor, aboard Fiona Du Boulay's La Cavale, set windward-leeward courses. For the first of five scheduled races on Saturday, Gareloch wind was changeable in direction. The visitors won, which concentrated minds. The second race was complicated by a breakdown of one of the FKY boats, just before the finish. Once the ramifications were sorted out, it was a win for the home team. In both these races, Athene (with Sven at the helm) had done badly.

After lunch, we swapped boats. It soon became apparent that Athene was not on the pace. Our own Iain MacGillivray could do nothing with her either. She suffered a broken mast earlier in the year and is racing with a borrowed one. Its fittings perhaps do not fit the rigging. The home team tried hard but were unable to promote Athene and lost the third.

At the beginning of the final leg of the fourth race, the Garelochs were first and second, seventh and eighth. Tied on points but a losing combination because the team that does not have last place wins. A very difficult situation to recover from as well. The two leaders have to try to attack the four boats in the middle so that two of them are pushed back to seventh and eighth. It was a valiant effort but it was never going to be easy. After four races, the visiting team were the victors.

Team Captain Klaus Birkhoff

On Sunday morning, we had a fleet race. Helms from the team racing crewing for members of the opposing team. Roger Kinns, on the helm of Thalia, received a master class from Sven Foerst. Two of the old hands in Garlochs sent their helms round the wrong marks. No names, no pack drill. In the afternoon, we sailed round the sugar ship. John Blackie's Maid of Lorn and La Cavale joined us. It was a cruise, not a race but Thalia won, followed by Wilfried Horns in Iris.

Barbecue in the evening. The competition was not quite over. A time trial down the driveway on Lasse Sutter's scooter. Any time sub 10 seconds was good.

Lasse won of course. Also featuring strongly were Sven Foerst, Charles Darley and Gila Miescke. The Convener's time was almost 15 seconds.

Text: Charles Darley, Fotos: Hella Peperkorn und Sven Först

Rückblick auf 2010 (auf dem Gareloch):

Rückblick auf 2011 (auf der Schlei):

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